About Us

Gianni & Elena have been teaching, performing and promoting Argentine Tango since 2008 and they have been growing and constantly updating their skills in all the following years with the assistance of Masters Teachers from Buenos Aires, the USA and many others.

In 2011 they created TangoCraze – Cairns Argentine Tango School – and started offering courses and classes in Argentine Tango. It is the only Cairns Argentine Tango school that can offer a knowledgeable ‘teaching couple’ giving the students both Leader’s (Gianni) and Follower’s (Elena) specific insight and guidance at the same time.

Gianni & Elena teaching technique aims to help students to learn the Argentine Tango in a simple, constructive and playful way.

Showing a move is not teaching!

TangoCraze helps the student to understand the logic behind the technique which is essential for the success of the learner!

TangoCraze is often invited at various events throughout the North Queensland region and offers Dance Performances and Workshops

The Cairns Argentine Tango School TangoCraze has its own professional Dance Studio fully equipped for teaching and social events as well.


About Us
with Mario Consiglieri & Anabella Diaz with Gustavo Rosas & Gisela Natoli