Social Events

                                                  –  MILONGA every 4th Friday of the Month  –   

                                                        NEXT Milonga  is the 27th of March 2020  

                                          –  GUIDED PRACTICA every  2nd Friday of the Month  –

                                                        NEXT Practica   is  the 13th of March 2020

                                             (always check on our Calendar page for event confirmation)


TangoCraze runs regularly Practicas, Guided Practicas and Milongas.


– “Practica” often follows a Tango class and is the time when the students have the chance to apply what they have just learned in the lesson. Just relaxing and dancing.

– “Guided Practica” are sessions of their own, again you practice what you learned at classes and also you can ask questions to the teacher and/or exchange thought and tips with the other students.

The social dance gathering for Argentine Tango dancers is called “Milonga” (not to be confused with Milonga, one of the dance styles of Tango). It is a fully social moment and is often set in Public Hall or other places that have a dance space.

While it is true that you can dance the Tango on a large variety of music, there is no better match than the original music: traditional or new age, but Argentine Tango!

That’s why every now and then, at our Dance Studio, the red curtains close up on the mirrors and soft lights spread their smooth atmosphere in the venue. Tangheros Y Tangheras can socialize and enjoy themselves in the ‘al fresco’ veranda and join in the fun on the dance floor of “TANGO PARAISO” ! It’s an experience that every Tango passionate love to have!!